Remineralizing Gel

All kits now include remin gel for healthy teeth and reduced sensitivity.

Free kit in October

Teeth whitening kit with tooth whitening gel

1. Place your order
Either the full tooth whitening kit or replacement teeth whitening gel.

2. Your kit is shipped the same day
We've sold over a 100,000 tooth whitening kits and we've been around since 1999 - a name you can trust.

3. Follow the simple instructions
You will gently whiten your teeth and all we ask is that you don't stop smiling.

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Teeth Whitening in one week

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Full Kits

All you need to whiten your teeth up to 10 shades lighter, available in our best selling Regular Gel.

Free Full Kit


If you already have your own trays you can just order replacement gel in our best selling Regular gel.

Free Gel Kit


If you need some extra mouldable trays for teeth whitening we have them in stock. Remin gel included.

Free Tray Set


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